A place that specializes in serving a wide choice of high quality wines, generally by the glass.



Two separate temperature zones that can be set from 6 - 18°C to bring your wine to an ideal serving temperature.
A modern design, that emplasizes the natural elegance of glass, and over 50 shades of lighting to choose from to enhance your most prestigious bottles.


8 bottles ready to pour plus space for 6 extra bottles. To offer customers a wide selection of wine by the glass. Temperatures displayed to guarantee ideal serving temperatures.


Flavours remain intact thanks to a new air vacuum system that allows the properties of open bottles to be retained for up to 10 days.
Extremely user-friendly: handling bottles is quick and easy and the appliance is very easy to use: ergonomic design, no maintenance or consumables.

By the glass

The only product to serve wine by the glass from the bottle.
Wine Bar contributes to high-quality service by allowing you to serve wine at the table, in the tradition of top sommeliers.

Technical features

Dimensions (mm):   602h x 1076w x 490d
Capacity:   8 bottles (4white/4 red wines or 8 white wines or 8 red wines + 6 spare bottles)
Permitted temp. range:   12 - 35°C
Oxygen extraction:   minimum vacuum of 300 Millibars
Warning light Lighting:   Multi-colour RGB LED
Electronic control:   Chilling 6/15°C and bringing to the correct serving temperature 9/18°C
Preservation:   Opened bottles pretected from oxidation for up to 10days


  • Wine Bar enhances the wine service ritual directly at the customer’s table. It allows for close and qualitative service while maintaining the timeless gestures of the biggest sommeliers.
  • It preserves and makes each of your bottles profitable. You can more easily increase your wine by the glass selection and thereby increase your margin by avoiding waste using the vacuum system.
  • It shows off your bottles. Wine Bar draws in your customer’s attention thanks to the design and light display and lets you naturally develop wine by the glass sales.

Wine is an experience to be shared. Wine Bar is part of this experience.