More than a trend, a concept.
An enjoyable experience allowing customers to discover new wines: offering wine by the glass has become essential for establishments selling wine.
Ordering wine by the bottle is increasingly rare, for several reasons: more sensible drinking habits, customers’ desire to discover new wines to improve their knowledge of wine, development of new concepts around food and wine...
At the same time, the wine by the glass offering has been improving for some years and it is now possible to order very good quality wines by the glass in all types of establishments. The development of wine by the glass also allows customers to access high-end wines: some grand cru classé wines are inaccessible to most people but become more easily accessible when available by the glass.
Increased profit, possibility of upgrading the wine list, satisfied customers and improved rotation of wine stock…
Open up to new possibilities!
Develop your wine by the glass offering and quickly increase your wine turnover.


A new sized product dedicated to serving wine.
Your wines at an ideal serving temperature

2 compartments with independent temperatures (8-16°C)
Wine Bar 2.0 adapts easily to your wine by the glass offering.

Wine stored for up to 10 days
Thanks to an exclusive air vacuum system, patented by EuroCave, your open bottles are protected from oxidation. Drinking your wine remains a pleasure from the first to the last glass. The efficiency of the air vacuum system is unique in the world and has been scientifically proven by the University Institute of Vine and Wine (Dijon, France).
The PROS Plug & Play: easy to use and to maintain, no consumable.
A modular product: 2/4/6/...

Wine Bar 2.0 can be added to according to the requirements of your business: by combining several modules, you can increase and display your wine by the glass offering.

The PROS: a well designed product, made from high quality materials, warm, modern mood lightitng, a robust product for an intensive use.
WB2 Finger
WB2 Hand Put in
WB2 Assembly

Technical features

Dimensions (HxWxD) - 491 x 315 x 268 mm
Weight - 13.8 kg
Operating ambient temperature - 18-30°C
2 separate temperature zones which can be set at
8°C (chilling) or 16°C (bringing wine to room temperature)
RGB LED multi-colour lighting (with remote control)
Full Glass door with lock
Can be flush-fitted (requirements to be met)
Made in China