For an efficient & well managed wine by the glass service!

Vin Au Verre 8.0 Accompanies You At Every Stage Of Service,
Allowing You To Manage And Develop Your Wine By The Glass Offering With Ease...

1. Before service...

Easy, user-friendly preparation  thanks to a unique touchscreen …

Configuration of the bottles with their appellations & volumes

Temperature setting to bring wines to the correct serving temperature, in 2 separate compartments

Fast setting of the 3 measures per label and their respective prices

Definition of mood lighting: choice of  colour for the taps and compartments…

2. During service...

Ready for productive  and high quality service!

“Quick lock” bottle installation system developed by EuroCave

In less than 10 seconds, the bottle is ready for service and can  be stored open!

One glass holder per compartment, allowing you to serve several glasses at the same time

• Adjustable in height to adapt to different glass sizes
• Compatible with many glass shapes

Continuous control

• Accurate measures, served without splashes
• Remaining volume per bottle displayed on the screen.
• Visual warning when a bottle is empty

3. After service...

When the customers have left, it’s time for the report…

A detailed report, available on the product, to track your wine turnover over the desired period...
Which products are your bestsellers?
How could you optimise your wine list?

Easy automatic cleaning in less than  3 minutes
• Cleaning of the 8 taps at the same time
• Detachable drip tray                                 
• Automatic condensate evaporation        

Connectable with your cash register to monitor your invoices

And also to guide you...

• Visual warnings in case of a nitrogen leak, an empty nitrogen cylinder or an empty wine bottle
• Reminders to carry out your daily cleaning and to schedule maintenance
• Tutorials included on the screen

Main Functions

All your wines brought to the correct temperature...
in 2 separate temperature-controlled compartments
   • 8 open bottles which can include 4 magnums
      Configuration: 4 whites + 4 reds/8 reds/8 whites
   • 6 - 8 bottles in store

Open bottles preserved for up to 3 weeks
No more losses, no more waste!

Control of measures
3 measures per tap which can all be set independently

Your wine by the glass selection showcased
thanks to lighting effects in the compartments, backlit taps and a unique design!

Monitoring turnover
Wine by the glass sales statistics can be consulted on the product.

Develop and monitor
your wine turnover and profit!

Product Avantages

Simplicity and user-friendliness

• An interface for each use
    • Robust buttons for serving measures
    • A unique touchscreen with user-friendly
       settings and tutorials included
• An automatic cleaning system

Reliability and quality

• Temperature settings respected
• Glasses served without foam or splashes
• Materials suitable for heavy-duty
   use: triple-glazed doors, manual buttons
   for serving measures
• A 2-year minimum guarantee with
   proactive maintenance

Increased productivity

• Bottles changed in less than 10 seconds
• Storage of spare bottles in order to have
   the replacement bottle ready to serve at
   the correct temperature
• A glass holder allowing you to serve
   several glasses at the same time
• Fast output: a 12 cl measure served in
    6 seconds

Technical features

Country of manufactureFrance
Dimensions (HxWxD)735 x 1,035 x 585 mm with drip tray
Weight85 kg
InstallationOn a bar or can be flush-fitted subject to certain conditions -
See flush-fitting conditions
Capacity8 open bottles including 4 magnums
6 - 8 bottles in store
Ambient temperature
Operating limits
10-35°C / 50-95 °F    (Up to 85% humidity)
Temperature settings
2 separate compartments
6-15°C / 43-59 °F on the left
9-18°C / 48-64°F on the right
Preservation of open bottlesUp to 3 weeks, with nitrogen
Cooling systemVentilated cooling by compressor
Materials and Finishes
Cabinet body: steel / black colour
Full glass doors – Triple-glazed
Equipment2 glass holders, drip tray, pressure reducer, felt pen, cleaning
bottle, set of 2 keys and key ring, measuring cylinder
Security• Lockable doors
• Measure serving function lockable by code on screen
• Separate manager/waiter access, locked by code
LightingLighting inside compartments and lighting of the 8 taps with
settable multicolour RGB LEDs (200 colours)
Certifications• Origine France Garantie (guaranteed French origin) label
• Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 and No 2023/2006  
(Food contact standards)

And Even More Optional Extras...

A customization of the frame to match your room’s décor


On the strength of its status of wine cabinet specialist for over 40 years, EuroCave decided to extend its expertise to professionals, via  the EuroCave Professional brand and has established itself as the go-to brand for sommeliers.